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Patient First Visit

We recommend that you schedule your child’s first dental visit six months following the eruption of the first baby tooth or by the age of one, whichever comes first. Visiting a dental office will be something your child has never experienced, but rest assured that our doctors and staff will use all of their experience to ensure that your child’s first visit has a positive outcome for everyone. Our practice is designed to provide a safe, fun, and supportive environment for our young patients and their families.

Infants and toddlers first visit

We will begin the visit with introductions and a fun tour around the office to allow your child to become acquainted with the space and our friendly staff. Then, we will invite you and your child into the examination room, we highly recommend that you stay with your child to comfort them. The most common examination position for our younger patients is in their parent’s lap; this is for the simple reason that we want our young patients to be completely comfortable during their exam.

Your child’s initial check up includes:

  • Complete review of medical and dental history:
    This information is important for us to make correct diagnosis as well as a suitable treatment for your child. We often modify our recommendations based on your child’s specific needs
  • Complete examination of existing teeth as well as gum and other oral tissue.
  • Professional cleaning:
    Professional cleaning of their teeth depending on your baby’s level of comfort and cooperation. At times we might choose to delay the dental cleaning to the second visit if your baby is apprehensive. Our goal is to make sure that every child has a positive first experience.
  • Review of dental and facial growth and development:
    We will go over the sequence of the baby teeth eruption for the next few months, as well as what to anticipate.

    Review of feeding practices and providing age appropriate dietary recommendations.
    We will review healthy snacks and drinks to reduce the risk of getting cavities in the future.

  • Evaluation of Fluoride intake:
    Fluoride is a mineral that has been proven to dramatically reduce dental cavities in children. The right balance in the intake of Fluoride is very important. Too much Fluoride can be damaging to the development of permanent teeth as well as the child’s general health. We will assess their Fluoride intake and make recommendations based on our assessment.
  • Oral Hygiene:
    We will go over all necessary steps in caring for your child’s teeth at home, including brushing methods and toothpaste recommendations.
  • Oral habit evaluation:
    We will give you information about thumb, digit and pacifier sucking.

Older children’s first visit

  • Review of medical and dental history:
    A complete examination of teeth and oral tissue
    We will use the patient’s history and examination to determine the most accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan based on the patient’s unique situation and needs.
  • Professional dental cleaning and topical Fluoride application:
    Our doctors always evaluate and discuss the need for topical Fluoride application with the parents during the initial visit.
  • Take minimum required X-rays:
    We take only the essential number of X-rays to make a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis.
  • Review of dental and facial growth:
    We will inspect the teeth to evaluate the sequence of the erupting teeth and map out the next few months of eruptions.
  • Health dietary recommendations:
    We will go over the patient’s current diet and make recommendations based on their age. Our recommendations will help prevent dental cavities through a healthy diet and excellent oral hygiene practices.
  • Oral Hygiene instruction:
    We educate children on the best techniques for keeping their teeth healthy including proper brushing, flossing, and mouthwash use.
  • Evaluation for Orthodontic intervention:
    For older children, we screen for any potential orthodontic issues. If we identify any areas of concern, we work closely with parents to define the next steps and explain all treatment options.

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